“The Three Bilinguals” is a quirky character driven dramedy about a Mexican, a Cuban and a Puerto Rican who meet at the reading of their father’s will. The story is about “success, love, family values, diversity and acceptance”. These are qualities so important they bring the film to life.

Juan Zapatero, the three bilingual’s Spanish father is a “naughty” ladies man who travels the world making and selling shoes. As he gets older he finally opens his own shoe company but longs to bring his estranged children back into his life. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen... Juan dies of a heart attack.

The children, now all grown up, live in major cities: Los Angeles, Miami and New York. We learn that they’ve all inherited their father’s sex drive and deep appreciation for shoes. Julio works at an upscale shoe boutique and is an artist. Jessica has a foot fetish and is a shoe junkie. Jacinto is a drag performer aka Miss “Diagnozed La Kweer” who loves to show off his shoes. They later meet their stepmom Josephine, an eccentric Caucasian woman at the reading of the will. Josephine, who was out of town getting plastic surgery learns that her beloved husband of many years dies of a heart attack. The two never had children together. As stated in Juan’s will, “his three children must all live together in harmony for one full year with Josephine before they can claim their inheritance that includes their share of the estate worth millions and their father’s shoe empire in a bold attempt to unite his family.